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Top Blackjack Game
Vegas Casino Online

*Lots of Blackjack games available.
*Comps earned on real money action.
*US and Canadian players welcome.
* 24/7 customer support.
*Real Time Gaming Software.
*Play for free or for real money.
Vegas Casino Online

One of the top online Blackjack game is Match Play 21, it is an interesting variant as the ten cards have been removed from the deck. The Jacks, Queens and Kings all remain in the deck but there are no Ten cards.

What makes this Blackjack game interesting to play is that is has bonus payouts when you have certain hands dealt to you and unlike other game these do not require a side bet and the payoffs for these payouts are purely based on your stake amount.

Match Play 21 Number Of Decks: The Blackjack game of Match Play 21 in our featured online casino has 6 decks of playing cards.

Match Play 21 Splitting Rules: Players can if they choose too split any two cards that have the same, equal value. If you opt to split your hand then you need to place an extra wager onto the new hand which has to be the same amount as your first bet.

Players can keep splitting and play up a maximum of three hands.

Match Play 21 Doubling Down Rules: Players are permitted too Double Down on any two cards, plus you can double down after splitting cards.

Match Play 21 Dealer Play: The Dealer has too hit a soft 17 hand. Match Play 21 is a hole card game which means that the Dealer must check whether he has a Blackjack hand when he is holding a Ten or an Ace. should he have one then he must show his hand and the game will be brought to its conclusion.

In this version the deck of cards is always shuffled before each game begins.

Match Play 21 Payouts and House Edge: A Blackjack hand in the game of Match Play 21 pays 3 to 2, and a winning Insurance bet pays 2-1.

The Bonus payouts in Match Play 21 are as follows:
Match Play 21 = 40-1
7+ Cards totalling 21 = 3-1
3 x 7's in the suit of Spades = 3-1
6,7,8 of Spades = 3-1
3 x 7's suited = 2-1
6,7,8 suited = 2-1
6 Card 21 hand = 2-1
3 x mixed 7's = 3-2
6,7,8 mixed suit = 3-2
5 Card 21 hand = 3-2

The house edge of the Match Play 21 game, when played with six decks is 0.76%.

Match Play 21 - Hints and Tips
By playing at our featured casino you will always get the lowest house edge and also be earning comps on your real money action.

Players should always hit your hand if you are holding a 4,5,6,7,8 or an Ace,2 or Ace,3.
If you are dealt two Aces then the best way to play them is to always split them.

If you get dealt Pair of Sevens and the Dealer upcard is a Seven you should not split if you have a pair of suited Sevens, this is due to the bonus paying hand may be dealt to you.
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